Friday, August 22, 2008

The End Is The Begining Is The End

Been super busy lately so I havent had time to write. All apologies. JC Sulbaran pitched for the Netherlands against Cuba in the Olympics the other day. It was such an amazing experience watching one of our guys throw on such a huge stage. He ended up with 4 2/3 6 k's against a vastly more experienced ball club. I cant wait to see how he does in pro ball.

Adrian Nieto has gotten off to a good start in the GCL for the Nationals. I know they're excited to have him and he is very excited to be there. I also ended up getting him all 4 major card deals so be on the look out for your new Adrian Nieto trading cards one of these days....

Im headed to huntsville tomorrow to see my marlins/brewers guys one more time before the season ends. Im glad the hurricane that passed over here is over and done with. What a waste of time. I hate nature sometimes but what can you do? And on a random note Mike Brantley, Omar Aguilar, Barret Browning, and Todd Doolittle all were named to Arizona Fall League rosters so congratulations to them.

Only thing left is for the season to end and for the Indians to pick their PTBNL already. At least Ive still got a secret.



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