Friday, August 15, 2008

I've Been Waiting For You

Well the Reds finally got it done today and got Juancarlos Sulbaran signed today. JC Got 500k plus school and the chance to play in the WBC. It's a great opportunity for JC and his family, but I suppose more to the point, a major coup for the Reds. JC as things stand now, is the Reds highest paid draft pick despite going in the 30th round. We expect big things from JC, he's pitching saturday against china in the olympics, and after that he returns stateside I believe. I'm relieved all the negotiating is over.

It's nice to have a couple of major deals to your name. Nieto and Sulbaran got major contract and it's a relieving feeling to not have to coast on potential anymore. In a way I feel like I myself have arrived somewhat and the best is yet to come.

Brent Brewer is amazing. He makes a game saving play the other night, then the following ab hits a walkoff then today hits another bomb and had three or four hits. He's a special guy and I cant believe anyone would doubt his ability.

Saw Brevard play today as per usual. Green/Chappy on the DL so only Brewer played. Staying at the team hotel. Nieto has his first game tomorrow. Those are the updates



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