Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Is The First Day Of My Life

I stayed up until three in the morning to go to the airport to pickup my father who was coming back from the players association meetings in new york last night. Thats all well and good since I usually stay up until three am anyway however on this special occasion I had the great pleasure of waking up at six in the freaking morning because I had a spur of the moment road trip planned to go take Adrian Nieto to Melbourne for his first day as a professional. I picked up Adrian where it all began for us (American Heritage, not cuba) and away we went. The drive was about 180 miles but seemed to go rather quickly. We talked at length about what the future might hold and how today probably would go. It was one of those rare moments where you can actual watch a player transition right in front of your very eyes in the matter of a few moments. Before we walked in to the facility he was still just the kid I knew from AHS, and after he goes through those doors, he's property of the Nationals. And like that, his career has begun. Hilariously, I am almost certain the people in the front office had a real hard time accepting that I was the guy that guy this player 376k in the 5th round. I looked half dead, sweatshirt, jeans and slightly torn nike's. I thanked them for allowing me to be there and told them to pass along a thank you note to the front office for not banning me from the facility after our negotiations. (kidding) I love getting those "what the hell?" looks from everyone in this business. Ill keep doing my thing and just keep surprising everyone each day I stay alive in this business. It's interesting watching all the reactions to say the least but what can you do?

Today Adrian took his physical and I believe if all goes well he will have his first game on thursday in Jupiter against the GCL Cardinals. We're going to dinner tonight with a few of my Brewers clients that live in Melbourne (Taylor Green, Brent Brewer, Stephen Chapman) so it's going to be nice to at least introduce him to some of our clients on the pro side of things to help make his transition go a bit more smoothly. On a business note I finished three trading card deals for him today which is always fantastic and I think I am close to a massive equipment deal. We shall see. Hopefully I have one more monster announcement before friday. And on a final note, Adrian really appreciate all the support the fans have been giving him and cant wait to show everyone what he can do.



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