Thursday, August 28, 2008

Urgent Like The First Day Of May

Im back home from Huntsville finally. Totally exhausted, but beyond excited that the regular season is almost over. The job doesnt end there for me however. Working on the 09 draft (eventually), finding winter ball spots for our clients, booking my trip to the arizona fall league, and of course the usual day to day stuff like finding endorsements. I cannot wait til the winter meetings this year (in Las Vegas, awesome) but more than anything I am hopeful for a day or two off from travel.

My trip to Huntsville was fantastic. I got to see Mike Brantley do his thing, Omar Aguilar K 6 of 7 batters he faced, Patrick Ryan didnt get to pitch while Lorenzo Cain is done for the season. I also got to visit with Chris Mobley, Jeff Gogal, Todd Doolittle and Andy Jenkins of the marlins which was great. I had a fun time with all the guys and got to see them all one last time before the off season hits.

I ended up playing cards with Omar,Patrick and a couple other players from the stars the last night I was there. I went all in heads up against Patrick Ryan with Ace 10. I had him dominated pre-flop, he turns over an Ace 9 and freaking hit a 9 on the flop. I was not happy at all. Then about an hour later I have a king high straight, go all in again, Omar has ace high straight. Two suck outs in one night is not good. If you see them ever, please bring to their attention how pissed off I still am at that.

The travel was a pain to Huntsville as well. Went through memphis there and back on an insanely small plane. Not good, not good at all.

Had a meaninglss fantasy draft today (I dont really play fantasy sports, too close to real life for me) I picked 12th and 13th overall and got Larry Johnson and Tony Romo. No one cares I know I know.

Will have some insanely big news sometime this week. So stay tuned. Off to tallahassee florida for the weekend to help my intern get set up.

Also for what it's worth, play the music clip while reading these blogs, it help sets the mood, or at least kinda reveal where my heads at if anyone cares.

Res Ipsa Loquitur and thank you

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