Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Savage Journey To The Heart Of The American Dream

It's better late than never, however I am very happy to announce the signing of Adrian Nieto to the Washington Nationals Baseball Club. Adrian and his family would like to thank the entire front office of the Washington Nationals including but not limited to, Dana Brown, Bob Boone, Tony Arrango, Stan Kasten, Mike Rizzo and the Lerner Family for helping this deal come to fruition. It was a long process, however Adrian looks forward to reporting to the GCL this week so he can at long last get his pro career started. This is a dream that began in Cuba for Adrian, a dream that was nurtured in the States and was able to finally come true here today. Adrians life long aspiration is to play in the Major Leagues and now that he has signed a professional contract he is one step closer to reaching his ultimate goal. I would like to commend Mike Rizzo on all of his hard work that went into getting this deal done and I look forward to Adrian and the Nationals having a long and fruitful relationship from here on out.

Thats the big news, and as a note to fans, try and keep the faith sometimes. It is a business after all. Thankfully 10 years from now nobody is going to remember how you Adrian got started, it's what he does now that matters.



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Positively Half St. said...


Thank you. We deeply committed fans were worried we would miss out on Adrian.


Welcome to the Nationals organization. You will find incredibly dedicated fans of the Nationals' minor and major league team at Nationals Farm Authority. We have been stressing over your signing, and fearing you would hold out. The Nats are stronger at catcher with your signature, and we hope to see you in DC as soon as possible. We offer our support.

Sean Hogan said...

Thanks for being so open with the Nationals fans all over the web (specifically at Nationals Farm Authority). Best of luck to you and your clients!

Steven said...

I wonder why no thanks for Jim Bowden?

Anonymous said...

I think you are reading too much into the thank yous. Adrian thanked Bowden.