Monday, March 30, 2009

Sicker Than Sick

Back from the florida road trip. Hit Sarasota,Tampa,Clearwater and Ft Myers. I got food poisoning early saturday, somehow pulled it together to go to work at night, and have been sick since. Ill be fine im sure, theres work to be done after all. Im waking up early to make about 100 phone calls tomorrow then tuesday probably headed to Viera to see the nationals guys. Finished an indy league deal today for a much loved client who was tragically released yesterday. Thats never a fun part of the job but it's a necessary evil The indy leagues are not where affiliated players want to go if they can avoid it but.... but.. once there I will say it is usually a pleasant experience all things considered. Negotiating an indy league deal is not what any agent wants to be doing either rest assured but it is what it is.

Did another interview the other day. Im getting better. Really.

John Buccigross finally has his donruss/pannini card coming out in may. Thank god.

Hopefully something interesting happens tomorrow



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