Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Day Just Breathe

12 hours until Im up in the air and headed to arizona for 9 long and exciting days of work. Lots of baseball, lots of talking, some fighting I would imagine, and hopefully some fun. ST is honestly the best part of the year because I actually get to see everyone in one place at one time as opposed to globe trotting during the year seeing maybe 2 or 3 guys at a time. Its going to be a good week I would imagine.

Watched a high school game last night, spent tons of time with scouts and family members alike. I have another one to attend tonight which is literally just going to be much more of the same. It is what it is and if I dont do it someone else will and that is a very very dangerous thing.

Might see the watchmen tonight if I get any time after the game. I also finished packing 2 fucking suitcases full of stuff for the trip. I have 10 dress shirts and 9 ties from express and I swear I will be the most colorful person out in Arizona.

Ceamr Odse Nto Exits

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