Monday, March 9, 2009

You Think You Can Just Steal From Me And Get Away With It? Yeah.

Since I started this blog about a year ago I have gotten all sorts of feedback from both ends of the spectrum. Some people love what I am doing here and other people well.... not so much. Professionally I have always taken criticism for doing this blog but the vast majority of people warning me of the potential dangers here are missing the true aim of what Im doing here. This isnt a marketing tool and it isnt a gimmick. This is just a stream of consciousness that helps me keep sane in a tremendously insane industry. It's so hard to make sense of all the evil people in this industry it could become easy to fall victim to the ills of this career. I think if anything writing here has kept me tremendously grounded. I have absolutely nothing to apologize here for and I have absolutely nothing to hide. The jokes, the pop culture, the obscurity, everything here is exactly who I am. I am not good at pretending to be something I am not so I completely gave up on that years ago. Many years ago.
Years ago I did everything the "normal" way. I tried it to the very best of my capabilities and failed completely. My best players fired me and I wasnt going anywhere. You know why? Because I wasnt myself. Players know when you arent being sincere and sincerity is what I believe helps separate me from the rest of the bunch out there. One of that bunch evidently is a fan of my blog, so much so that he took the time to read all 100 or so blog entries that I have posted. I am beyond thrilled and honored such a prestigious member of my profession would take such a rabid interest in my career so much so that he would forgo spending time working for his own clients in order to not only read about little old Joshua Kusnick but to email me personally as well! Now to be fair, I knew this person was a fan far earlier than this since he has called me on several occasions but to have this revolutionary figure take the time to learn all about me.... to be honest Im just honored he even knows my name. He's such an inspiration to me I cant do anything but hope to follow in his giant footsteps. Forever in debt to your priceless advice.
Still in Arizona, long day and long night but rewarding on both ends. Had dinner with Trayvon Robinson, Josh Bell, Omar Aguilar and had really great conversations with TJ Warren, Mike Durant and Zach Kroenke the latter 3 being in florida. Got to watch a couple of our other guys throw in big league games today and I am headed to a bunch more games tomorrow. This is the life I have chosen.

Come as you are


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