Saturday, March 28, 2009

Im Not Living Im Just Killing Time

Traveling Traveling Traveling. Covering florida now. Clearwater,Tampa,Dunedin,Sarasota and Bradenton. Then Viera,Jupiter during the week. I did another interview on the great Michael Brantley the other night. Fighting to stay sane. Assuredly not letting my personal life seep into my day job. I hear so many things from so many people out there on the trail it can be difficult to figure out whose on my side and who isnt. Are there even sides???? Is it just one big mess? Is it just a game? Is it just a business? Is it both? Can it be both?? Lots of questions with not a ton of answers.... It's frustrating having so many people against me that dont even know me but it's just part of the process and at the end of the day either Ill still be there at the end of the showdown or I wont. Thats not the truth though. I know Ill be there at the end because I know how good of a job we do here. I know Im not like everyone else and there is a real market and appeal for what we do. I dont think that, I know it. Everyone else out there can keep up their indistinguishable act. It's tired. It's the same. It isnt me.



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