Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Better Look Out For The Looking Glass Girl Cause She's Gonna Take You For A Fall

Headed to ft lauderdale stadium to see Carlos and Kroenke throw. Zach pitched in a WBC game the other day, walked a guy gave up a run, nothing too extensive. JC Sulbaran tossed 2 scoreless against the reds in his first WBC appearance while Dennis Neumann pitched a scoreless inning the other day for the dutch team. The WBC is a great experience for the guys involved but one of the minor things that gets overlooked is the openings it creates for other guys not in the WBC. Lorenzo Cain was added to big league camp yesterday because a couple of players were hurt/in the wbc. So thank god for that.

Went to a juco game about 50 miles from my office yesterday. The drive was horrible, the game was horrible and the weather was horrible. The game couldnt end fast enough then in I believe the 5th inning mild validation was substantiated when the guy I came to see homered. Got to talk to him after the game for a second, so hopefully that goes well. The draft is only 3 months away, go figure.

Off to Arizona 4 am saturday. The flight is going to suck, packing sucks, leaving my friends and family behind sucks but at the same time there is nothing that I love more than actually going out and working in the field especially in Arizona. I grew up in Florida so while Im working in florida it still kind of feels like home. Arizona actually feels like work, which isnt really a bad thing.

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