Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Is Here Again, Reproductive Glands

Spring training is in full effect. Have several players in big league camp, Clevenger,Brantley,Browning,Pena,Kroenke,Martinez,Montz,Aguilar,Periard to name several, while other guys like Cain and Brewer have gotten the proverbial cup of coffee. Its an exciting time of year where I work like hell but at least in the mean time I get some sense of accomplishment. I get to see the fruits of my labor up close and personal all at once. Its almost as if I go into sensory overload this time of year but that can be a very good thing. I feel productive and I am productive. Its a good feeling. Other agents call my players with clockwork regularity but thankfully we've got a good enough program going here that nobody has left. We've even signed a couple of new guys (Blake Billings as earlier noted and Robert Lara of the padres) which is very exciting. We have really been selective on who we have added the last couple of years but we really believe in the new players we have landed or we wouldnt have agreed to represent them. The funny thing is that both players actually found us which was a nice change.

Personal life is as chaotic as ever. Nasty breakups are never fun but god, sweet god, am I happy (actually happy) to be single. Really. Really Really. Really Really Really.

Brent Brewer homered in his big league game which goes to show how much hard work and dedication can actually pay off. Brent is going to have a huge year.

Now that top chef is over I am totally addicted to Nip/Tuck (aside from conchords and eastbound and down) Soon there will literally be no time for tv which is same as it ever was for me.

Sorry for the few days off leaving for Arizona in a few days



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