Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Afraid I Can't Help This

Back from my 10 days in Arizona. We had a 3 pm flight from Phx to Atl sunday then of course our flight runs late, we miss the connected flight in ATL by about 5 minutes after sprinting from terminal B to terminal A. We rebooked our flight for 9 am monday at the airport then headed to a god aweful hotel in atl to kill 9 hours..... made the flight this morning and now I'm finally home.

The ten days in Arizona were ten days well spent. We saw everyone we have out there and met with guys every night we were there. Lots of good work got done, lots of meetings, lots of phone calls, and even some endorsements got finalized. It was a beautiful thing watching some of the guys we have play in big league games. The same guys that we have scouted since HS. I wish everyone could experience that part of this process. It's a sharp reminder on why we even work in this game to begin with.

I learned not everyone likes me in this game. Im not for everyone and that is fine by me. The guys who get me, well, they get me completely. The guys who dont get me will never get me and thats just the way things are.

It was an amazing watching JC Sulbaran, Kenley Jansen and Dennis Neumann play for the Netherlands in the WBC and beat the DR twice. What a great story and it couldnt happen to three better kids.

Thats about it. Back to work in florida.

So it goes.


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