Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't F**k Around, Man. This Is Serious. One More Hour In This Town And I'll Kill Somebody!

My last night in vegas for a while. 18 hour days every day for what seems like an eternity. Wake up at planet hollywood end up in the bellagio. Taxi to the civic center, taxi back to the bellagio, and crash into planet hollywood. Meetings with companies, meetings with teams, meetings in hallways, meetings in suites. Trades and trade shows, interviews and tv. It's one big blur and it's all happening in the Las Vegas.

Finished the majority of my work (still have two players that are free agents), did my first interview with baseball america (which will be out hopefully sunday in the MJC in milwaukee) Got good news on players, bad news on other players, finished endorsement deals, and am awaiting the rule 5 draft that is in 8 hours.

I ran into Mark Shapiro at the bellagio, introduced myself, and he said he had read my quotes/blog. A jarring experience but it is what it is. I find it amazing that anyone reads this but I guess I appreciate it. Im just writing a stream of thought trying to clear my head every so often in an attempt to deal with arguably the most bizarre career I could ever find. Strange happenings and dangerous magic appear at every corner. Im here for the long haul

See you on the road

Peace Love


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