Saturday, December 6, 2008

I’ll Take A Quiet Life,A Handshake,Some Carbon Monoxide

The world series of my job, the biggest show, the finest point, the top of the mountain, the greatest joy, my highest thrill, and its only 96 hours long. Im headed to Vegas and I am going to the Winter Meetings again. It's all work and no play this time. I have no time for games, this is serious work for a serious man. I take this job seriously and I know this week is all serious. This is serious business and I am serious when I say that I will act serious the entire time I am out there. Hundreds of vendors, 30 teams, hundreds of people, and even some subhuman other agents. I will see them there and that will sum up my interaction with that group. I will charm it up, speak clearly, smile, dress well, talk fast, be smart, have lots of energy and most importantly I will get the job done. I will go out there and achieve every goal I have set and I will best every milestone I have already done. This will be a special year for a special agency and a special group of clients. 3 hours until I have to wake up. See you at the rule 5 draft.



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