Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Am Become Death The Destroyer Of Worlds

All is well from the trail. Im busy. With everything. Life, work, everything. Trying to listen to radiohead, trying to listen to nirvana. Meeting with companies, meeting with clients. Setting up travel plans, setting up deals. Somewhere inbetween my job I am trying to have a life. Back with my girlfriend (thank god) and I am balanced again. Nothing overly substantial to report just wanted to write a short something.

Here is the interview I did in the M.J.S that was published today. I am humbled by this and a bit embarrassed but it's out there so may as well post it here.

Hope all is well


Cornering the market
Josh Kusnick does not represent every player in the Brewers' farm system. It only seems like it.

At one time or another, Kusnick has represented 18 of the Brewers' minor-league players. Some were traded away, but the vice president of Double Diamond Sports Management still has 13 players in Milwaukee's system.

That group includes some of the organization's top prospects, including outfielder Lorenzo Cain, third baseman Taylor Green, shortstop Brent Brewer and pitchers Jeremy Jeffress, Omar Aguilar, Alex Periard and Luis Pena.

"It's really a unique situation," said Kusnick, who founded his Florida-based agency with his father, Howard, in 2002. "We have players in many other organizations but nothing even close to the number we have with the Brewers."

Only 26, Kusnick accumulated his stable of Brewers' prospects in large part via word of mouth among those players. It began in 2005 with the signing of Cain and outfielder Darren Ford, who was traded to San Francisco in July in the Ray Durham deal.

The large number of clients represented by Kusnick allows the Brewers to do one-stop shopping in contract talks and other matters. On the flip side, Kusnick has to work hard to keep his players happy because it's easy for them to compare notes.

"We minimalize conflicts, as best we can," said Kusnick, who regularly stays up until 3 a.m. during the season so players on the West Coast can call him after games if necessary.

"I have to work harder because I have the stigma of being so young. But they know I'll look out for them and do everything I can to help them. We're available 24 hours a day. We don't promise anything we can't deliver.

"We've always had a great working relationship with the Brewers. They've done a good job of pushing their prospects (through the system). Some of our guys have been the youngest players in their leagues."

Kusnick found himself in an interesting situation last July after the Brewers acquired CC Sabathia from Cleveland for top prospect Matt LaPorta and three other minor-leaguers, one of which was "to be named later." Word soon leaked out that outfielder Michael Brantley and Green, both clients of Kusnick, were on that short list.

As it turned out, the Indians got to make the selection if Milwaukee made the playoffs and the Brewers had the call if they didn't. After Sabathia pitched the Brewers to the National League wild-card berth, Cleveland selected Brantley.

"(Brantley and Green) were calling me just about every day, wanting to know if I had heard anything," said Kusnick. "But they both handled it very well. It was a drain mentally, but it didn't affect their play."

As for the possibility that one day he might represent half of the Brewers' big-league roster, Kusnick laughed and said, "I try not to think that far ahead. It's a nice thought. I just want it to work out for our players."

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