Monday, December 22, 2008

What Else Could I Write? I Dont Wanna Fight.

In life people make choices then they have to deal with the consequences of their decisions. Ive made mostly good choices in my life to this point. Thats how I've gotten this far without going crazy. I've survived 40 major surgeries, I survived college, I survived high school, and now I'm surviving baseball. Thats what I do. I survive. Nobody is going to tell me I cant do something and eventually in the end I usually get my way. Every so often what one thinks is a good choice becomes a good choices with a price. There is a cost benefit to everything in this world and even choices that seem good can end up bad. You try your best to resolve the paradox between choice and choicessness but in the end no matter how hard you try someone is a loser and someone is upset. Sometimes you're both and sometimes you're neither. Is personal happiness or the idea of personal happiness worth the cost of getting there? Is it sometimes better to sacrafice your own wants in life for the betterment of others? Is it sometimes enough being a good friend if you're sad on the inside? Who knows? Who cares? I obviously have made choices in my life some in the past some very recent that have been good, bad, or just dumb. Experience comes with age but somethings you can only learn by doing. I hope I have made enough good choices in life to overcome the bad ones. Especially ones that affect other people that I have cared for.

Peace Love Empathy


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