Friday, December 12, 2008

Wide Awake At 4 In The Morning Killing Time On The Blue Highway

Back to basics and back to baseball. The rule 5 draft was yesterday and mercifully brought a close to the winter meetings at the bellagio. I'm happy it's over to be honest with you. 18 hour days are never fun even in baseball. The ballroom was packed and this years rule 5 went substantially faster than last years. One of my clients was selected in the big league phase while three players swapped teams in the minor league phase. I got to talk to some old friends and important people in the room during and after the draft. The media was there in full force and got to see some very good people I havent seen in a long time.

Several members of the national media came up to me and introduced themselves to me. "Oh you're Josh Kusnick, Im happy to meet you" Why anyone would be happy to meet me is beyond me. I'm still nobody and havent done anything remotely substantial yet, so to me, it's a bit premature, but hey Ill take it. It's so bizarre having people you have never met in your life know who you are. I dont think Ill ever get used to that.

Which brings me to................I did an interview with Tom Haudricourt on tuesday, it will be in the MJS on sunday (or the next sunday) and in baseball america eventually. I have known Tom forever and figured it was the right time to do a story with him. I've stayed out of that kind of stuff forever because after all none of this is about me. I'm not the story, it's always 100 percent about the players. Without them I'm nobody in this business. Hopefully that comes through.

Thats it, back to the real world.



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