Friday, December 12, 2008

I Cant Hide, No.

What to do with this blog? Some say I take things too far (I disagree) while others say I dont go far enough (too bad). I have long been fascinated with the general idea of the public eye. For all I care the public eye could go blind and I would be just the same. The idea that there is an obligation for those in the spotlight, no matter how dimly lit, owe the public "something" is absolutely beyond me. It frightens me to think what is going to happen with the rest of my career no matter how irrelevant publicly I think (or know) I am people will still demand things from me. I apologize in advance but I dont feel that I owe anybody that doesnt know me anything. I dont owe stories and I dont owe answers. I am not owned by anyone and I dont own anybody else.

Why cant things just be as they are? Why is there this incessant demand to be in the "know"? I'm in the know and let me tell you it isnt anything spectacular. It just is. Maybe it's because Im not a sports fan I dont identify with the idea of needing to know everything that goes on. I just take things as they are and deal with them. I dont fault anyone when I dont know something and if I really want to research something I do it on my own. I never demand answers from strangers and since I began this experiment I have gotten letter after letter demanding more. More clarity, more answers, more explanations, more more more! Well there isnt more. There isnt anything else. This is as good as things are going to get and it isnt going to change. Take this all for what it is or dont. Keep reading or leave me to my rantings. It's all the same to me.

I started this blog to do two things. Clear my head (check!) and help give fans a glimpse (only a glimpse) on what life is really like for someone working in the sports business without any filters. No delusions of grandeur, no idyllic love of sport, just facts as the way the unfold through my eyes. If it's not enough then I'm sorry to have disappointed but it is what it is. The fact that I discuss whatever it is I discuss here does not give people the right to harass or berate me for not giving the people what they want. I am not doing this for personal gain and I am not doing this for PR. If anything the vast majority of the PR has been negative, so there's that.

Thats the rant. I will keep this thing going for a while I would imagine. Come as you are.


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wrveres said...

Neagtive PR .. ? No way, i haven't seen a thing.

You are a solid writer, please don't stop.