Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leave A Blanket Of Ash On The Ground

This one "man" parading around as an "agent" here in florida is a constant source of entertainment for me. One of the most important things with regard to being an agent is picking one sport and sticking with it. This "Genius" thinks its a great idea to do every sport on earth/modeling/etc..... You have to be able to identify talent when you're an agent. Im not talking about using a magazine or a list, you have to be able to go to a game and say, that kid right there is going to be a real something one day. You have to do it all by yourself because nobody who knows how to do that will ever do it for you. This "agent" thought it would be a great idea to text me and ask me how good a certain player was the other day because he thinks for some unexplainable reason that we're "friends". I had gotten amazingly positive reviews on this player and had been in contact with him much earlier in the year and was trying my hardest to budget some money for him so I could go ahead and sign him. We cleared up our budget literally a week ago and signed two players and I was all ready to get things going with this player that this "agent" had asked me about before this "agent" had even texted me. This proves my lesson of the year. If you're an agent, dont be friends with other agents. Im signing this kid and I couldnt care less what happens to the other guy but he's going to take this all personal (which it partially is because he's a moron and has an ego even larger than mine but with far less substance). If we're competing and you're up against me, Im going to win. I hate losing and I am most definitely not losing to a total shell of an agent. Guys like him do the business a disservice and worst of all he's only doing this job to become famous and most likely because he's a fan. I love fans, but if you're in this business it's a luxury that isnt afforded to you. The game is black and white and the sides are clearly divided. Us against them and we are going to take that money any way possible. It's cold and it's dark but it's the reality of what really happens. I wish more fans became agents like this joker. It would make my job far easier.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, can we get any clues as to who this "agent" is?

...I enjoy the blog, thanks for the regular updates. Good luck during this very busy time of year!