Friday, February 20, 2009

I Figured You Out

One of the hardest things about being in the profession that I have chosen to be in is the fact at any given point in time you will be known. I have always been painfully embarassed about any level of recognition I have received professionally. I love the idea that I can go in and do my job and that it. No accolades, no prestiege, just do your freaking job and go home. The players sign autographs, the players become famous, and the agent just goes home to watch the simpsons, top chef or whatever the hell else is on TV. I have never once in my career looked upon something I have done as transcendent. I have never felt special or unique. I just do my job and go home. Lately, especially during spring training more and more fans have recognized me and I have felt a high degree of embarrassment. I am beyond honored for all the support everyone has given me but again to be honest, I am totally embarrassed by it. For whatever it's worth to anyone reading this, thank you.

If this blog is a stream of consciousness then I may as well continue to be honest. I ended my long distance relationship today. There is only so much one man is equipped to deal with and for me at the very least lying isnt one of the things I handle well. I dont ask for much but I would at least hope for the truth. Once that trust has been breached its gone forever and as tragic as it may seem, it can never ever be reclaimed. I was unbelievably crazy about my girlfriend, but it's finally over for good. God willing its for the best.

Had a night out on the town tonight to help get me in better spirits. It didnt work but I totally appreciate the efforts of my awesome roommate and dear friends that came out. I have work in the morning and soon Im off to Arizona. No matter what I bitch about at the end of the day I really do love my job

Peace Love Empathy


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