Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dont Know What It Means

Went to a hs today to watch some of a practice, going to another hs game tomorrow. It's a different feel this year with regards to the draft. This point last year I had two sure fire high end (aka high money) guys and this year I have a few talented players we're advising but the players absolutely must prove themselves to get paid. Last year it was a bit less tense but I guess that is what makes this job exciting. Nothing is promised and you must work hard for everything everyday.

Finished a ton of endorsement deals the last couple of days. You go weeks and weeks with nothing and you almost feel like a failure then a day like today comes and boom! It hits you that you're actually doing something not everyone gets to do.

Top chef is awesome and addicting and I am happy leah is gone.

Working on valentintes day. Go figure



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