Thursday, February 12, 2009

Everyone Will Go

Was at a freaking 25-2 baseball game that would never end most of my night. While there I was sitting with a 24 year old agent who I have mildly come to know this year. He knows me substantially more than I know him. We talked he asked questions but my question to everyone is, why would I ever answer his questions truthfully? Sure he meant well and I am sure he works hard but I dont worry about guys like him. Guys like him no matter how hard they try or what they know come and go quickly. You either have the "it" factor or you dont. Nice guys die in this rat race. I told him if I ever talked to one of his guys it was nothing personal. Fun.

Luis Pena was DFA'd today. 10 days to trade or release him. This was a huge surprise but I am hopeful this comes to a beneficial resolution quickly. It also created a ton of work for me today. 7 hours of straight phone calls.

Back to another game tomorrow then a busy weekend of games. Im trying to get some more draft guys that are a bit under the radar.

Jenna Jameson and tito ortiz are both retiring soon. Jenna from porn and Tito from fighting. I can only assume it's because both of them got tired of taking too many shots to the face............

Thats it, Im exhausted.



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