Monday, February 2, 2009

25 random facts, habits, and goals about me!

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1. I have had 40 surgeries in my lifetime.

2. John Buccigross destroyed the periodic table because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

3. In spite of traveling to a billion countries (england,france,israel, ETC...) I have never been to mexico and finally got to canada in 2008

4. I dont watch sports on my down time except for hockey,I guess that means I watch A sport on my down time

5. I went to LA with my dear friend Brandon after HS. We saw the movie swimming pool at some small theater in LA. In line next to us waiting to buy tickets was james worthy. At the end of watching that nonsensical garbage of a film I got up and yelled "what in the name of James Worthy did we just fucking watch?"

6. I hate people that blog. Nobody fucking cares.

7. I run my own blog

8. Kurt Cobain is my musical savior

9. Eddie Vedder is not

10. I had the nickname 80 in high school because I told everyone I could throw 80 mph as a freshman.

11. I couldnt and was promptly hazed on the hood of a camero

12. I pitched 1 inning in HS with the stellar line of 9 runs none earned 3 walks 5 hits and 1k

13. I saw Kurt Cobain perform when I was 12

14. I saw Mitch Hedberg perform when I was 20

15. I performed in college doing stand up the last 2 years I was at fsu

16. Was I any good? I no longer perform stand up comedy.

17. Fsu was the only college I applied to in high school

18. I have over 100,000 autographs I mostly acquired in high school in lieu of working

19. I tend to date girls that are tall, blonde, hate their dads have an eating disorder and/or a drug problem

20. I am allergic to Latex and Penicillin proving there is a god and he hates me for many many reasons. He also seems to have a sense of humor.

21. I taught myself how to play the guitar in 8 months. I am an awful teacher.

22. I study philosophy everyday. Really.

23. I hate celebrity more than anything on the planet.

24. Ive always believed I would die before everyone else.

25. I'm still waiting.

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