Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Dont Confront Me With My Failures, I Have Not Forgotten Them

In draft mode as usual this time of year, walking that tight rope between proball and the draft. Its a thin line between happiness and death. Either Im going to get paid or Im not and either im going to get fired or Im not. It is what it is. Im excited for tomorrow, headed to Jupiter to watch the marlins first ST game of the year. Kroenke+Martinez will be there so Ill have a good time in the bullpen I suppose.

Watched my HS play last night. They're not as strong as they were last year but they're getting there. Also watched flight of the conchords last night. It really is the best show on TV. Even better than my precious top chef.

Been playing the guitar every second I get while home, writing some really interesting things and my singing voice is coming along which is really out of character. It's nice

Feeling good overall, lots of work to be done, hands to be shook, and people to blame. Im ready.


ps, blake billings had a great interview on the brewcrewball website, you guys should check it out



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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning the interview and thanks for helping set it up. It's actually on Right Field Bleachers though. Brew Crew Ball did link to it though so you can find your way to it from there too.

Here's the direct link for those interested: Blake Billings Interview

And yes, Flight of the Conchords is incredible.