Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And Don't Forget Those Wonderful Words, "You Know What I Like"

Z. Kroenke spent all day doing habitat for humanity which is a tremendous cause his first day on the marlins caravan. I believe an autograph signing was mixed in at a Jiffy Lube which is just awesome.

Taylor Green was taking a bit of a beating for "waiting" on his injury which was disappointing to read. Taylor was originally injured at the end of the regular season and waited to see how it healed per the teams request. Hope this clears up all taylor green questions regarding his decision to wait.

Watched a couple of guys throw bullpens at my old HS today, got to see adrian nieto catch for the first time this off season and am headed to st lucie tomorrow most likely to see Darren Ford and Mike Brantley

That it for today



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