Monday, February 2, 2009

A Person Is As People Care

I heard a tremendous story today. A major league player and his agent went to Las Vegas together on a vacation. Sometime after the vacation the agent sent the player a bill for the vacation. Moral of the story. Dont tell your players you're taking them on vacation if you dont play on paying for it. Said player has a new agent. Old agent....job well done.

Taylor Green had wrist surgery. He's got a hockey player spirit in a baseball players body. He'll be totally fine. Count it.

Set up some bullpens for some guys training locally. Mike Brantley, Z. Kroenke and D. Ford are all in town. Z for the Marlins fanfest, Mike lives in st lucie and D. is going to train with Mike. It's good to get some more off season face time with the guys.

Exhausting week at home, I hate my neighbors, My roommate is awesome, but is not very good at mortal kombat 2. I am horrible at any video game created after 1995 so I just stick to what I remember from the childhood. It's matt's bday today and he's excited about the mets signing Oliver Perez. It's the little things in life.

This is for matt, see you tonight

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