Monday, April 21, 2008


Had a really long day today. Was on the phone non stop.

I am on the verge of signing my newest Mil. Brewer client so that is my exciting news of the day. He's a pitcher so thankfully that will avoid the whole conflict of interest thing. I talked to this player a few weeks ago and he seemed interested in our services. He had no representation which was a plus so out of the blue today I get a call from this players father. The talk went well, I am sending the paper work off tomorrow so if all goes well add another Brewer to the DDSM client list. It's rare to have the relationship I have with the Brewers so believe me when I say I do not take it for granted. I work way too hard to take things for granted. Lets keep our fingers cross that this player is in. I guess Ill announce who it is on the blog sometime next week.

The pro guys all had pretty good days especially Marlon Arias of the dodgers. That kids a player man, watch out.

Taylor Green for futures game. Spread the word everywhere!!!!


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