Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Must Have Chaos Within You To Give Birth To A Star

Finally back in my hotel room in lovely Daytona Florida. It's 2 am and the season has finally started. Ive been checking box scores and making calls all night. Everyone is healthy and everyone played well. I was at the opening gave for the Manatees and Cubs today. At one point in time I had Clients at 1st base 2nd base 3rd base and the man at bat plus the opposing teams 1st baseman. It was an awesome feeling and I cant wait until I get this sensation again at the major league level. It is not a matter of if but when. Taylor Green had the game tying single, Darren Ford was amazing, Stephen Chapman had an oppo triple, Jimmy Mojica scored the tying run and Lorenzo Cain had two outfield assists. It was an exciting first day and hopefully the best is yet to come for these guys.

Getting hammered on the draft. Scouts calling daily. It's so stupid. We go through the motions every year just with different kids. The scouts know their position and I know mine. They know I know what I am doing and still they think they can break me. It's such a stupid process but it's part of the job and I deal with it gracefully. I'm good at it too. You do something for enough years you should be good at it and thankfully I am. Modest too evidently......

Finished a big endorsement deal today with a card company. 30,000 dollars to sign 1000 cards. Im pretty excited about that and hopefully it leads to more doors opening for more of my guys. This comes on the heals of finishing a 20,000 dollar deal earlier in the week. Awesome.

Being in Daytona also reminds me of one thought I have always had. Everyone considers Dale Earnhardt to be one of the greatest DRIVERS of all time. Thats always bothered me. How can you die DRIVING and be considered a great DRIVER?


All in all is all we are


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