Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Met Me At A Very Strange Time In My Life

Watched another HS game today and did a great deal of pre-draft prep work. Had dinner with my soon to be roommate then attempted to go out. That failed as usual so back to work in the morning.

Seeing Brevard vs. PBC for one more game. On a hilarious note, Taylor Green of the Brewers is from Victoria BC. The Canucks goalie is Roberto Luongo who is quite the star in BC. Well I have gotten to know Roberto's in laws well the last few years and was able to get Taylor a game used signed stick from Rob. We gave Taylor the stick right before the game in Jupiter yesterday and he literally kept it in the dugout the entire game in one of the funniest displays ever to be seen. A goalie stick in the dugout of a pro baseball game. Awesome.

Just finished watching Fight Club again. God I love this movie. You have to admire the ending of this movie if nothing else because it was able to foresee things that are still painfully relevant today. The movie accurately predicts the emo fanboy nation that society is drowning in these days. The ending, with the Pixies' raucous "Where is My Mind?" wailing in the background, sees self terrorism and numb romance as the new, essential way of life. I love this movie beyond words.

More from the trail tomorrow


Greatest version of the song ever

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