Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It May Be Years Until The Day My Dreams Will Matchup With My Pay

Whats new for fall?

Adventurous they all said! Be adventurous. Be exciting, be unpredictable, be hostile, be compassionate, be sincere, be sarcastic, be something, be anything, be successful, be happy, be everything, be anything, be yourself, be just like everyone else.

I'm very happy with my lot in life. A great deal of people have common misperceptions about the life I live and the job I have. I would like to believe that I am in touch with humanity. That I understand the difference between wrong and profitable. That no matter what happens I will always stay true to what my core beliefs are. I have always admired the punk rock ethos and I do write this with a slight modicum of sadness when I must admit I have "sold out" a tad. I think "sold out" is a phrase that is antiquated beyond belief. It's not as if Ive sold out like a ticketmaster outlet. I think it's just the natural fruition of a slow and arduous maturation process that has been brewing inside of this divine simpleton since the day I was born. And I have come to accept the very basic fact of life that this is okay.

I know I am a good agent, but beyond that I am certain that I am a good and decent human being. This gets confusing sometimes because there are things you do in this job that you would never consider doing in your personal life. As a person who is painfully self aware, these contradictions become that much more magnified. There will always be a long standing love affair between fans and athletes, so on the surface, the people that share my job title will always be viewed worse than Lago, Richard Nixon, and Darth Vader all in one. I have grown to accept and embrace this role which will become more ominous the more my players achieve professionally. I cant wait.

Enough with the self discovery. I am scouting in Deland florida. Fun!!

Luke Montz is amazing. What a great story he is. Here are a couple of great links



Michael Brantley is having a special season in Huntsville and even got some fantasy baseball love which is needless to say, awesome.


I also believe my dear friend Luis Pena, despite his one game hiccup is on the verge of the big leagues (obvious). The Brewers are having some bullpen problems at the major league level and I think when Luis gets his opportunity he will explode K-rod style.

Thats it for today, sorry for the lack of updates



Seeing Radiohead may 5th. I also just bought the best concept album Ive bought in years. Kala by M.I.A. Awesome.

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