Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If They're Antiquated Beyond Belief...........

Going to a game in Miami tomorrow. Long drive, long day, long life ahead. It works. Give an inch take a smile kind of thing right? I'm excited though. I'm about to hit the road again. Going to see some of our Marlins and Dodgers kids Thursday, not looking fwd to the drive the J-ville but once I get there it should be fun.

Most of the guys are off to good starts. Mike Durant exploded his first ten games in the SAL. Josh Bell is on fire. And Mike Brantley, what more can I say about how proud I am of him. 21 years old in double A. What an amazing player. Talked to a few farm directors today to get a feel for where some of our guys are at promotion wise. Worked on the draft as usual and I am very close to finishing a 35k autograph deal!

Chris Dennis is on fire in extended ST so far hitting over 500 last week. He has a chance to have a very big season in Helena this year. Watch out.

Our AA kids in Carolina are off to a great start especially the pitchers. Todd Doolittle, Jeff Gogal, Chris Mobley and Carlos Martinez are all playing very well and I cant wait to see them this week.

On a hilarious note as always.... It was Lorenzo Cain's Bday on saturday. Lorenzo is one of the most charismatic people you will ever meet in your entire life in addition to having a great sense of comedic timing. There is one baseball card that Lorenzo doesn't autograph too often and evidently many people need it to complete there sets. Well, one kid had a really good idea. Lorenzo said no to him 5 times I guess the first day of the series so the kid came back Sunday with a giant box of doughnuts and happy birthday Lorenzo on the top of the box. It was priceless and Lorenzo signed the card.

Everything else is as it should be



PS Congratulations to my dear friend Sam Weissman who passed the Bar Exam today. This is for you......

(Explicit Lyrics)!!!!

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