Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm So Tired, I Can't Sleep

Another day in paradise. Im trying to find guys job in indy leagues, working on endorsements and going to games. I am breathing in a never ending cycle of gas fumes and tar dust. It's what the life on the road tastes likes and my eyes swallow every last drop of it.

I love my players and I love my job. I check box scores until 2 am everyday. I go to games everyday. I do everything everyday and it takes its toll. I was at another FSL game today. Watched Brevard County again. I sure wish Jimmy Mojica got more PT but he's hitting 300 so his time will come. Darren Ford look amazing as usual, Lorenzo Cain's bat is waking up, Taylor Green is a special player and Stephen Chapman is really adjusting well to first base. After the game the guys signed a bunch of autographs and Chapman even gave a cracked bat to a little kid in the crowd.

After the game the boys and I (Casey Mulligan of the cards too) went to IHOP across from the field. It's always good to be a relaxed state with the guys. Almost everyone gets a long and everyone has a real good sense of humor. These guys go through so much stress during the season, especially in the lower minors, I think it is important as an agent to lessen that stress any way I can. So I see them all often and talk to them often and do anything I can to help them relax. I am hopeful the rest will take care of itself.

On a random note, my HS paper interviewed me. Weird.



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