Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vanity is but the surface.

Here we are now entertain us. Im back. On the road for 5 days going on 3 years. I'm exhausted. Always. However it is what I signed up for and I embrace every moment I get to do this. The season has started as previously noted and I am dancing a tight rope between the draft and the pro guys. I just spent 5 days on the road following the Brevard County Manatees. 2 games in Daytona and 3 in Viera. I got to spend a lot of time with Cain, Ford, Chapman, Mojica, and Green. Each player is doing very well thus far and it is always a nice experience watching your guys play in person. I know the guys appreciate it but there is also a human element that comes into play by letting the players know you're there for them.

I stayed at an awesome beach house with Chapman, Green and a couple of there teammates. The place is fantastic and it's right on the water. If I was a pro athlete making what they make at least Id be happy knowing I had that house to come back to. Ford, Cain, Mojica and myself all watched the NCAA finals at applebees which was pretty good. Cain was pretty excited with the Kansas win since he won his teams bracket.

On the baseball side of things. Green is walking a lot, Ford is stealing bases, chappy hit a bomb, Cain is breaking out after a rough couple of games and Mojica is getting a chance to show how good he can be with some PT.

Going to watch a HS game tuesday and off to Jacksonville and Orlando friday til monday.

Talk to you all soon


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