Thursday, July 24, 2008

And As I Climb Into An Empty Bed Oh Well Enough Said

Just got home at 2:38 in the morning from a game in Jupiter today. Watched Brevard play for the first time since Lorenzo Cain was promoted and Darren Ford was traded. I had dinner with Stephen Chapman and Taylor Green, Brent Brewer couldnt go because his mother was in town. I also go to see stephen Chapmans' parents which is always nice.

Working hard right now on some interesting draft stuff. If it works, it will reshape the way things are. If it doesnt.... well it's worthless and things stay the same.

Got a call at 3 am from a phillies prospect who we represent last night. We just recently signed him and he wanted to see for himself if I really would answer on the first ring. Well I did and I guess I still have my job. Awesome.

One client was involved in that massive brawl tonight, still waiting to hear from him and what his role was there. Sean Danielson hit a bomb today which is always awesome. Nick Francis got promoted and is playing great this year. I am so proud of him especially after all he has overcome in his life. He is one to root for, thats for sure.

Also finished off a couple more autograph deals. Im on fire this year off the field.

Thats it. Off to san jose saturday, orlando friday, brevard sunday, then home monday. I need a vacation.



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