Monday, July 28, 2008

All Of Life Is A Foreign Country.

Took me seven hours to get to San Jose yesterday. I have nothing against seeing America. I have nothing against traveling, but I swear, as much as I absolutely loathe airports, Atlanta's will always have a special place in my heart. I hate the underground terminal bus, I hate then 5 terminals, I hate the pay for play wi-fi, I hate the restaurants, and I especially hate the international terminal and the thirteen mile security checkpoint. It can't be this hard in this day in age to screen people. My god....

Spent all of today catching up with some paper work. I accidentally booked my flight a day before SJ came back home so I was locked in my hotel doing work, making calls, watching Dark Knight clips and listening to Nirvana. Once again I finalized another baseball card deal and my father got one of our guys a job playing winter ball in puerto rico. It's a long process landing guys winter ball jobs, but my father nailed he. He got said player a free apt, free car, and a massive salary. Well done.

Still doing 08 draft work for the two holdouts we're advising. At least we'll know one way or the other aug. 15th. I am also going to the east coast pro showcase next week. The best of the best are usually there so hopefully all goes well and I find somebody worthwhile for the 09 draft. We never try to land too many guys in the draft each year just because of how time consuming that process is. The real money is in the big leagues, so any agent trying to make a fortune out of the draft wont be an agent real long.

Thats about it today. Seeing Darren Ford tomorrow and tuesday then back home wed. At least Ill miss Atlanta on the way back.



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