Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go And Youll Go Real Far Just Past The Big Quasar Cant Hitch A Meteorite Into The white

Hold your breath and count to ten just fall apart and start again. It has become a process more than anything at this point. It's a highly regimented chaos that mixes equal parts anger and drive. The animosity fuels everything while the general contempt completes it. For as unique and specialized this all is, it is still just a process. A plan for almost everything for any given situation. What better way to do things??

I do not think I could work in a work doing something more traditional but enough about that. The usual arrived early this week. Hit the road, go to games, go to a chain eatery and go to bed. Wake up 7 times, fall asleep 7 times, then repeat. It's such a hard feeling to describe. Exhausted isnt the word because Im not tired of working, but maybe Im just happy.

Close to landing a big leaguer to be named later and signed a couple of minor league all stars to be named later. Watched a AAA client throw 100 mph on ESPN then give up a bomb. It happens, as everyone readily knows it's just a game of failure, thats all. Nothing personal

Saw Dark Knight yesterday. Flawless and tragic. I wont even comment. Just brilliant

I have also had a tremendously good laugh about the low level of relevancy this blog enjoyed last week. How anyone could treat this as a baseball tool is beyond me. I had been sent a few links by friends/clients that actually had people mentioning me and the blog. I cant believe anyone cares, this setup here is only a play by play and to be honest not that interesting. Im sure I come off as some kind of adjective out there but I am not writing here to win a Pulitzer or find jimmy hoffa. This place allows me an opportunity to continue writing. I do write for myself because I enjoy doing so, however at the same time I suppose at least 3 of you out there read this so I should keep it consistent I guess. I have always prided myself on being able to just throwing myself out there and then just sit back and wait to see what happens. Good or bad, it's what I am most comfortable with. I grew up during the internet generation so I have always figured there could be someway to tie messageboards/blogs/tv etc.... to baseball. It's your basic viral marketing campaign but none of it is disingenuous. Everything I have said is exactly how I think things should be, so there isnt a lot of pretension (at least I hope not). I am still unsure how I am going to move forward with the blog for now. Everyone in the media that I am close with think I should stop since this blog could only hurt me. However, at the same time, at it's core, it's just me venting. Just like the fans who vented on several message boards about me (which I have to say was absolutely awesome, so thank you) I am now painfully aware of the downsides more than ever. So with that being the case I have pressed on doing my own thing on my own terms. If I had to do this any differently I wouldnt do it at all.

Thats it for the ranting again, now back to work.


All in all I lift cement

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JS said...

I also believe that rule number one in blogging is Do It For Yourself.