Friday, July 11, 2008

They Want You Or They Dont, Say Yes.

So it's 2 am and im another random double tree or quadrouple tree hotel in another nameless city (DC) and im not even in a state this time. Im going home in the morning then packing my bags for North Carolina for the lovely Southern League all star game. I had a great dinner meeting with a nameless major leaguer, his mom, and his brother tonight. The meeting went well and I might get hired so we'll see.

Luis Pena got named to the PCL all star game thats going to be on ESPN2. Good for him, he deserves it and has been pitching brilliantly this season. He's only a phone call away from MIL.

Still dealing with a certain team regarding a certain draft pick. I certainly dont think the certain team is signing the certain player. I hope im wrong.

I really love playing the guitar. I also love singing and writing my own music. I also know that even though I seem to be able to write catchy hooks I will never be a good singer. I miss Nirvana.

Light night, no trades, watched games, checked box scores, called the guys and am on the road.

All in all I lift cement



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