Monday, July 7, 2008

Things Have Never Been So Swell And I Have Failed to Feel Pain, You Know You're Right

Well, as predicted last night has bleed into today. When it bleeds it pours. It's the reddest of seas and it is really bothersome. Just once can't a day be easy???? If it was easy everyone would do it. The hard parts tend to be the best but they are still bothersome none the less.

I have heard 500 rumors involving 500 players and anything I thought I knew before doesn't seem so relevant right about now. As things stand now, I can no longer be 100percent sure Mike Brantley is off the table with regard to the PTBNL in the CC Sabathia trade. I was certain he was off the table but sadly the information I relied upon seems to have turned out to be bogus, which is not the fault of my source. It is just the way the business is. Things are influx until they are final, everything is static, everything can fall apart at any time. As things stand right now it is my understanding that the Indians have two deadlines in which to select one of two players (Michael Brantley and Taylor Green). If this ends up being the case it would defy all logic I have established in my own head. I have never seen a trade in which a couple of tradable assets remain in play for a prolonged period of time. I could understand if it was a newly drafted player who could not be traded but I suppose now armed with this new information that the Indians need more time to scout both players and the Brewers were more than accommodating which is understandable. I feel bad for the players for not knowing their fates but it is a valuable lesson for them that should serve them well during their hopefully long careers. No matter how you cut it this is a bottom lines business that transcends the childhood love of the game. It's sad but it's true.

On an unrelated note I am still waiting for our last kid we are advising to sign. Negotiations are on going no real news there.

I also am going to the Southern League all star game to see Patrick Ryan, Chris Mobley and MAYBE Michael Brantley. All star games are always a great time so if anyone is there feel free to hit me up.

All in all I lift cement



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wackadoodle said...

Do you know the actual dates of the Indians deadlines ? " is my understanding that the Indians have two deadlines in which to select one of two players (Michael Brantley and Taylor Green)." -Interested Party