Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And This I Know His Teeth Is White As Snow

Today was normal. Today was fine. Today is everyday thats on my mind.

Normal day of work but the downside of any normal day in this business is that it always comes with a darkside twist. Made phone calls, did endorsement bs, listened to games, talked to clients, checked box scores, talked to more clients all in preparation for my inevitable doom that is coming this week. Tomorrow I am going to georgia, thursday I come home, friday I go to DC saturday I come home and sunday I go to north carolina and monday I come home. Nice life. It's going to be insane since I hate flying but its better than anything else I have going on.

Lots of trade questions still out there. I issued this today so whoever feels the need to use it go for it.......

"As of right now both Taylor Green and Michael Brantley are both members of the Milwaukee Brewers organization and could not be happier with their respective situations. Michael and Taylor are both working very hard to achieve their lifelong goal of reaching the major leagues and will do everything the Milwaukee Brewers ask of them. There have been many rumors circulating lately that both players could be involved in the CC Sabathia/Matt Laporta trade. As of right now, nobody from either organization has contacted Michael or Taylor with regard to that transaction and until we hear otherwise both will continue to work as hard as possible for the Milwaukee Brewers. Michael is very much looking forward to playing in the Southern League All Star game this weekend while Taylor looks to build upon his strong first half in the Florida State League.

Thank You


Joshua A. Kusnick'

We're still in limbo but whatever happens we will deal.

Im off to Georgia

All in all I lift cement



Mixing it up today.

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akittell said...

My condolences if you didn't want your blog known as a full blown source to the bull shit artists over at FSN and other big wig media appropriations like MLBTR. But they know now.

I wish both Taylor and Michael could stick around in the Brewers system, as they both have very bright futures. I think Mike's might be a little brighter, but you would know better than me, or at least I would assume so. I just want a fast, high OBP center fielder on this team in two years.

Keep musing and take care.