Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So I Wait For Confirmation That You're Never Gonna Use Your Starting Gun

I finally just got home at 4:15 in the morning. Had dinner with clients that were in town, me a couple of parents, and kept the phone on call as per usual the whole night. Dealing with international UFA related business and again as usual following up with the regular work stuff. Finished another autograph deal today, thats like 30 on the year which shatters my old record and I still have several months to go. In talks with an autograph company in hopes of having them sell off all of our players game used equipment and lastly booking my flgiht to go see Darren Ford out in California.

Darren is with a host family out in SJ which should be good for him since it will likely help him get adjusted out there. I know his teammates he left behind in Brevard (and all over the MIL org) miss him very much but at least he knows that the group of guys he grew to accept as family werent just fair weather friends. That has to be rewarding for him.

There is a reason I go to bed at 4 am each day and it isnt for anything howard hughesish...... I always want my guys to know, no matter where they are, especially the west coast guys, that they can call me when their games are over just to talk. I never want them to feel like it's a huge imposition on my life style and I never want them to feel like they're bothering me either. I just try to do my job the way I think my job should be to the very best of my abilities each and everyday. Off to some more games tomorrow followed by a flood of phone calls, a dash of emails, a slow crawl into bed and if my brain permits another rant.



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