Sunday, July 6, 2008

Without You I'm Nothing

This was without a doubt one of the most annoying and frustrating days I have ever had in my entire career. The sad part is, if the word sad is even applicable here, is that this day is going to drag into tomorrow and possibly even longer. I literally spent the whole F**king day on the phone from 10 am until now (11:45 pm). I have talked to every media outlet alive and probably was the primary source on many stories I havent even read. I am beyond annoyed but whatever life goes on. This has gone on all weekend to. For those not in the know, the Brewers evidently have traded for CC Sabathia and have included 3 or 4 prospects depending on who you ask. I knew about all this on thursday and heard rumors that a few of my clients could be involved in the trade. Lorenzo Cain, who I thought was going to get traded ended up getting promoted. That happened pretty early today so his suspense ended some 7 hours ago. The next client I thought could get dealt was Michael Brantley, but I was told by good sources that I trust that he was not ever up for discussion so problem solved there. Luis Pena's name came up in conversation a few times but I didnt think there was anyway the brewers would get rid of a guy whose rights they would control for some time. Now comes the annoying part........

Taylor Green. An absolutely special baseball player and even better person has been the focal point of almost 99 percent of the trade rumors. Taylor has not been informed he has been traded nor has he been informed that he is any part of a pending transaction. What does all that mean? Nothing, because if the Brewers drop the PTBNL bomb anyone can go including Taylor. I know everyone in the game is an adult and I know it's a business but you would think maybe someone in the entire organization could let Taylor know what his status is instead of letting him just float in the wind. I know what everyone is doing and what their reasons are but it still doesnt make it any easier on the player.

I cannot wait until this is all situated and everyone ends up where they are supposed to be. I think this is a bold move for the Brewers franchise but it sends a really good message to the fans that they are serious about winning this year. For the guys traded it certainly presents them with a great opportunity to get to the big leagues a little more quickly than they likely would have if they had stayed with the brewers.

So to recap---- Media rumors are usually false and tend to have one source per 50 outlets.

Taylor Green will be a superstar

Taylor Green is a Brewer as of right now

I'm tired and I am going to take a nyquil and listen to The Pixies, Placebo, Nirvana and watch fight club.

Oh yeah and I will keep my cell on so this hell of a day can continue til tomorrow and bleed into forever.

Keep fighting the good fight, at worst you will prevail



Free Gift of the night, this is how I feel right now.


akittell said...

Hey, I'm an avid Brewers fan, and it's great to hear Brantley and Green are, as far as the hour goes, still in the Brewers farm system. With this move, I have a good feeling another prospect, Mat Gamel will get moved to first to take over Prince's job in two years, leaving third base wide open for Taylor, who has an amazing concept of the strike zone. Just ran into your blog, and checked out some posts. Keep up the musings.

Tyler said...

totally stoked that Green is [for now] still a brewer. am dreading tomorrow's announcement, however.

nice placebo title. great tune.