Sunday, March 16, 2008

All In All Is All We Are

Well, another night on the road. Had an awesome night with a lot of clients at Game Works in Maryvale AZ. A lot of the guys thanks to me have taken to playing a game called Derby Owners Club. It's a horse racing game where you breed, train, and race your horse. Mike Brantley, Lorenzo Cain and Myself are the undisputed top 3 of the group. Most of my guys from the Brewers were there today sans a couple of no shows. It's always great to get the guys together in one place. We rented the VIP room and just had a good day away from the field.

At the field I got to watch the AA game for the Brewers. Spent some time with Chris Dennis and Cam Robulack's families who were in town from Canada. I also finally got to see Taylor Green who is back from China playing for the Canadian olympic team. Lorenzo Cain also hit a home run today. Awesome!

On a strange note I do have a somewhat revealing story to tell. I ran into a former client who actually was the 4th client I ever signed. I was recently fired for absolutely no reason what so ever and it really did upset me. No matter how long you're in this business getting fired to someone you are close with is not something you ever get used to. I grow attached to all my clients. I make it a personal point to know them and their families because that is how I want to run my agency. This guy is a marginal prospect at best due to his age, but we've been in his life since 2003. I got mildly emotional talking to him trying to figure out what went wrong but he just didn't see things the way I did. I told him I would never take him back no matter what and I did tell him how disappointed I was with his choice. It's sad but to me he's gone forever. He wanted to stay friends because in his words business and friendship are separate. He's wrong though. Both friendship and business are mixed in this field and there is no way to untangle the two. You lose a lot of clients in this business but more tragically, you lose people you grow to love and care about. I will never get used to that and I will always work hard so I can avoid that feeling as long as I can.

Maryvale again tomorrow!


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