Thursday, March 13, 2008

Truth Covered In Security

Just got back from an entertaining night on the town. Had dinner with several players at the Macaroni Grill. Not good at all but we did have some mild excitement. Javier Brito, Daniel Mayora, Steve Mena (god bless him for translating) and Leyson Septimo were all there. At the end of a dinner some insane guy claiming to be a magician shows up at our table and starts performing these insane pick a card tricks. If you've ever seen a slight of hand trick you probably are well aware that they offer the same amount of wonder and bewilderment as a pep rally for the deaf. Anyway nobody knows what the hell this guy is talking about and half way through the act I told the guy nobody at the table really spoke english as a first language. Not to be out done this guy actually starts doing his act in spanish!!!! One trick really freaked out Leyson Septimo who had the good sense to call this "entertainer" El Diablo. All went well and now I am finally back in my hotel room.

Managing the draft as usual, nothing new on that front. Finished up some autograph deals with clients today. Leyson Septimo and Daniel Mayora had to sign 1000 stickers each.

Most importantly however I got to see Luis Pena close ofF the Dbacks in person today. What an absolutely amazing experience it is watching your very own clients pitch at the big league level. You struggle for years and years behind a desk or waiting on hold for hours on end on a cell phone. Sometimes you become so detached from the game itself you forget why you fell in love with it in the first place. There is still something incredibly pure about America's past time that not even money can corrupt. In Luis's case I have gotten to know him and his family so very well this year so I understand what this year means to him. I was one of two non Spanish speaking people at his wedding (my partner and father being the other) and let me tell you Spanish weddings are way more awesome than Jewish weddings (I'm Jewish so I know). He has been in the minors for 7 years, been hurt, and experienced every kind of professional struggle you can think of. Luis was added to the 40 man this year after being taken off of it a couple of years ago so in a way he's come full circle. As of now he has a flawless ERA this spring and is so close to the bigs. I work in a cynical business but days like today make it worth it.

On a seperate note I am listening to a live Nirvana concert from Palasport, Modena, Italy. Kurt Cobain is my favorite and most beloved singer of all time. More on that later I promise.

See you on the trail


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Matthew said...

What is this? I thought you are supposed to be a stand up comedian? This blog is sorely lacking in comedy. There was so much emotional crap in there I almost puked. However I must say I am truly looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Kurt Cobain. I'm sure they will blow my mind. In any case I do take pleasure in being your first poster and all kidding aside good luck with the blog.