Saturday, March 22, 2008


Im in Clearwater tonight. Had a nice spring training dinner with a good deal of our yankees clients. Francisco Castillo, Carlos Urena, Abe Almonte, Prylis Cuello, Angel Reyes, Jose Gil, Eduardo Nunez along with Chad Blackwell of the Blue Jays and Mike Durant of the Phillies. We ate at a Columbian resturant in Tampa that is absolutely awesome. Finished up some paper work at the resturant then we ventured back to the hotel so everyone could make curfew. Ill be at the fields tomorrow. Ill tell you what, look out for Francisco Castillo and Angel Reyes to make big come backs this year. Both are finally healthy and should be tremendous.

Going to the fields at clearwater tomorrow.

Happy Hollidays everyone

More from the road tomorrow


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