Friday, March 21, 2008

Ive seen it all I was here first.

In another random hotel on the road. I drove with my father to sarasota tonight after the HS game we scouted. Good game and another good day at the office. Im tired from the drive but I am look fwd to seeing Sean Danielson tomorrow morning. I love Sean and he's a personal favorite of mine. He's 5'8, an undrafted free agent, and he just was recently traded to the Red Sox for Joel Pineiro. Sean has come a VERY long way and he's so close to the big leagues right now I feel nothing but excitement for him. I hung out with Sean in Las Vegas this year with he and his girlfriend just as a random aside and it was absolutely awesome.

Seeing the Yankees crew in Tampa tomorrow night. Will have a substantial update after the weekend.

So it goes.....


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