Sunday, March 16, 2008

You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.

"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.' ----Friedrich Nietzsche

I like being an agent. Let nobody ever forget that statement. I am forever in debt to all the families and players that allow me to do my job. Without them I'm just a person talking to myself. I'm very fortunate to be the co-owner of my own agency. If I worked a normal 9-5 Id probably be fired within 15 minutes. I have an "unconventional" approach. I talk a great deal, I'm sarcastic, I'm funny, I'm myself. I have the same doubts everyone my age has but it never impacts my career. I got a message the other day from a rival agent who does not think too highly of my work. My voicemail says my title "This is Joshua Kusnick the V.P. of DDSM" etc.... I enjoyed the message he left me. "Grow up, you're a joke, Vice Presidents don't act that way" etc. etc..... I love stuff like that. I always think about other agents and what they do. It reminds me of a great Elliott Smith lyric from the song Stained Glass Eyes.
"But they can't be people
Not if I'm one
If I have to be like them
I'd rather be no one"

If I ever had to run my agency like everyone else Id shut down and do something else. I like what I do and if anyone tried to change the agency....... well...... it would never happen. I'm just saying to each their own and we'll see each other at the finish line.

Sorry for the late posting tonight. I had to finish up a few autograph signings with some Brewers players for Tri-Star and Just Minors. Tonight is my last night in Arizona and I am very much looking forward to the season starting. I got to watch the high A team work out in Maryvale today which was good because I got to see Darren Ford (double and infield single), Lorenzo Cain (Outfield asst) Jimmy Mojica, Stephen Chapman, and Eric Newton play. Taylor Green was in camp but is still awaiting his physical before he can start playing.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Stephen Chapman's parents after several years of representing Stephen. We spoke for about an hour and it was really a great experience getting to know the parents of a player I consider myself to be very close with. Being an agent sometimes puts you in a very bizarre position within your players lives because you are in a position of authority but at the same time you're their friend as well (at least I am). When you take on a player you take on the responsibility of representing the entire family, so I did let the Chapman family know that whatever they needed I would be happy to help. I tell all of our players this but sometimes the message gets lost in translation. I'm just glad they seemed to like me so they didn't feel an overwhelming desire to fire me. If you anger mom and dad, you're done for in this business no matter how old the player gets. Mom is always going to be mom and dad will always be dad. It's a good lesson to learn early on.

Had dinner at chase field today with Brantley, Pena, Cain, Ford, Chapman and Newton. It was such a surreal experience eating on top of the field where these guys someday could be playing. These guys are all so close to achieving their lifelong dream of being a major league player just bringing them to the field really drove the point home. You could reach out and touch the field. The dream may seem out of reach when you're stationed in Helena or Maryvale or West Virginia but it's still there for the taking. My father and I basically had our going away dinner which is always emotional. I love all these guys so much it's hard being away from them. I call everyone often and travel 300 some odd days a year. Letting go of them and letting the play out the season is always the hardest thing to do. All I can do now is wait for the season to start and hope to God all the work I've put in has made an impact on my players lives.

Watching Chappelle clips on youtube. Listening to Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana and Bright Eyes. About to fall asleep watching the edited version of major league on TBS which is aweful. Why even try to edit it??? Who knows? I hate Jack Valenti. RIP.

Ill talk to you all soon


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