Monday, March 31, 2008

Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld, so I can sigh eternally

Well the season is upon us and I suppose it was a great opening day. I'm not going to lie, the highlight for me was watching George W. Bush get booed throwing out the first pitch at the new ballpark for the Washington Nationals. The only thing better than that was watching Keith Olbermann point out that the man catching Mr. President, Manny Acta the manager was not in fact the days starting catcher, Paul Lo Duca, who himself was named the mitchell steroid report that Mr. President fully supported. Sweet sweet irony.

Ive been sick the last few days. Spent time with one client who has been in town on his off days. I am going to Daytona for opening day then headed to Brevard County friday. It's going to be a long season but someone has to do it.

Managing the draft on what seems to be an almost never ending cycle of phone calls, insomnia, and bad movies like Batman and Robin which very well might be the worst movie in the history of cinema, even worse than manos the hands of fate. I did get some time the last two days while sick to catch up on some films. Watched No Country for Old Men, Shattered Glass and The Darjeeling Limited. Loved the first 1:45 minutes of No Country, loved Shattered Glass and really loved Darjeeling.

I like to consider myself someone who understands cinema. I love good films, indie films, well made films but films like no country occasionally piss me off. I hate Frailty, I hate Boondock Saints, I guess I hate any movie that has spiritual undertones throughout the film. It's not that I didn't understand the symbolism throughout No Country, it's just that I couldn't care less. I also think the Coen brothers intentionally were deceptive in the way the shot some of the movie but whatever see it for yourself.

Hope all is well

All in All


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Jay Johnson said...

Watched No Country and Darjeeling a few weekends ago and had a very similar reaction.

Many of my friends are Cormac McCarthy fans, so it came highly recommended (I've only read The Road and enjoyed it). Stylistically, it was a spectacular mix of meditative open spaces and nerve-burning enclosures, but I felt let down by the open ending. Not saying it wasn't appropriate or effective in some way; just not the strongest part of the film.

Darjeeling was surprisingly hilarious and touching. Though, it shouldn't have been, since that seems to be Wes Anderson's forte. There is something about the sense of team adventure in his films that I find refreshing and genuinely appealing in an almost juvenile way. Like an adventure novella. I had to watch The Life Aquatic right afterwards to get my full fix.

Thanks for all the great news on yourself and your players, especially the Brewers' kids.