Friday, March 14, 2008

Dangerous Gypsy Magic

Luis Pena was optioned to AAA today. Not entirely unexpected but still disappointing nonetheless. Myself, my father, Luis and his wonderful wife all went to PF Changs in Tempe tonight. Nothing eventful happened but much to my relief Luis was in good spirits. I got to the place early and I didnt think we'd be talking about baseball much, however the first thing Luis's wife said to me upon entering the resturant was "what the hell happened?" I couldnt stop laughing. I have a very close relationship with all of my clients but my relationship with Luis and his wife is especially close. I wasn't really worried about his mood, he's a closer, he has a closer mentality, but it was certainly nice to be laughing about my messed up personal life 90 percent of the evening. I had a giant saki bomb I had to mix myself since PF changs doesn't serve "bombs" . Ive worked hard this week and it's friday. Sue me.

Went to the Royals camp today and had a good talk with JJ, one of the big boys in the PD department for KC. Got to talk to him about our Royals guys (Crist,Green,Francis,Walton,Chambliss,Raglione). Overall good day, even got to watch Chambliss pitch 3 innings today. Was nice to hear he is going back to the bullpen where I think he will have a better chance to get to the bigs. He throws one of the best curveballs I have ever seen so I think it's a real good move for him. Trayvon Robinson stole a base in a big league spring training game. Thats about all the updates for today.

I also represent John Buccigross of ESPN sportscenter fame. I finalized his trading card deal with Donruss a couple of weeks ago so everyone be on the lookout for the rare Jersey Autograph card of John Buccigross that says "winner winner chicken dinner".

Going out with the brewers guys in maryvale tomorrow. Cheers


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WVPowerblkwel said...

Good stuff Agent 39. Good to see your insights into the spring..something most of us don't get to see. Hope to meet you in Charleston sometime...keep up the reports!