Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Angel Left Wing Right Wing Broken Wing

Late night again. Watched my high school team demolish some other team 14-4. I'm advising a kid on the team this year so I'm at my alma mater even more this year. Tons of scouting directors were in town to catch the game so I didn't get a chance to catch my breath until the game was over. Best part of the night came when I think I found my new intern. My old intern is graduating from FSU soon and I found my replacement by an act of god. I'm excited.

Finally finished all of our clients autograph deals this week. The winner for the nicest looking graph goes to Jeremy Haynes of the Angels. Baller status. He's my pick to explode on to the scene this year. I've know J-rock since his days at TCC. Anyone who has ever met him knows how dedicated he is to his craft. Like I said, he's my breakout pick for 08.

Talked to a lot of the guys today on the phone. One of my newest clients, Trayvon Robinson has a bad habit of calling me from dead areas so it always seems like when I call him back he's leaving me a message on my machine and vice versa. I do however enjoy when he prank calls me with blocked numbers like I dont know it's him or Josh Bell. And for the record Luis Pena may have the funniest voice mail on his cell phone this side of vintage John Buccigross.

Albert Laboy had a rough week. A ball hit him in the face on a pickoff attempt then a 93 mph fastball hit him in the head the next day. I'm sure he'll hit 30 home runs this year to balance things out.

The worst part of my job is finding out a player you have has been released. We had two casualties today, both players I am very close with. Eric Newton of the Brewers and Travis Talbot of the Marlins. I have grown very close to both players off the field so this news is especially devastating. Newton has massive power but cant shake the injury bug while Talbot was a victim of a numbers crunch. I will do everything I can to get them back to affiliated ball this week but if I can't I hope both guys keep it going in indy ball because I know in my heart both guys can still play and someone will eventually give them a second shot.

Wish them luck if you see them on the trail.



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